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Archive for April, 2011

New Deer Park at Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mountain

April 26th, 2011 by Rob Hart

New Deer Park at Rock City Gardens in Partnership with Amicalola Deer Park
Rock City Gardens has now completed its new Deer Park providing a new improved natural habitat for its White Fallow Deer, along with the new Fallow Deer that arrived from Amicalola baby deer expected to be born in June. Rock City anticipates the arrival of additional deer soon, aiding their goal to repopulate this diminishing breed of deer to this area.

White Fallow Deer are rare, appearing only in one out of every 10,000 Fallow Deer. These deer are able to live off their new natural habitat at Rock City, however additional food is supplemented, such as one of their favorites, corn. This is one way Rock City can cultivate its environmental stewardship.

“Enhancing and preserving our local place is part of Rock City’s mission as a part of the Green Way Forward Initiatives we are implementing,” said Rock City Director of Operations Jeff Raabe.

Amicalola Deer Park began in 2003 when Rainbow Nation Stepped in to protect and rescue a large herd of exotic deer. This 1200-acre park is located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains along the headwaters of the Amicalola River. It serves the needs of 150 rescued animals, primarily Sika and Fallow Deer, as a place of retreat, restoration, recreation, preservation and conservation. For more information on all they have to offer, please contact: The Chanticleer Inn Bed & Breakfast, Lookout Mountain. directly across the street from Rock City Gardens, 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga and a mountain top away.