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Incline Railway Lookout Mountain

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Improvements made to ensure safety
The Lookout Mountain Incline Railway was closed in December 2010 for repairs and is now reopen for business. The Incline Railway was given an “a-okay” by head engineers from the United States Department of Transportation. The repairs cost an estimated $600,000 on what has been known as “America’s Most Amazing Mile.”
“We worked with contractors from American Track Generations of Fort Worth, Texas the past two months and they have done wonderful work on the Incline. Based on their track maintenance experience and our dedicated Incline team’s efforts, we are thrilled to be finished within budget and weeks ahead of schedule, despite the inclement weather we have had this winter”, said Matthew Higgins, Incline Railway Manager.  “The cable has been connected, the doors are open and we are ready to welcome all of our Spring Break visitors,” he added.
Come See all of what Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga has to offer and stay with us at the Chanticleer Inn Bed & Breakfast.

The Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

For more information please feel free to contact us directly or visit our web site at We are 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga and a mountain top away. We look forward to your visit at the Chanticleer Inn Bed & Breakfast, Lookout Mountain, GA.

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